Gold Bhishi

SBH's Gold investment plan offers a unique savings scheme to plan your gold purchases in advance. At the end of the scheme, you finally get much more than you’re initial investment. You can start from as small an investment as $100.

Bhishi scheme is for 12 month ( 11 month customer will pay and 12th month SBH will add one month amount.)




Duration of payment: 12 months

Your contribution: Rs 1000

Your total contribution: Rs 12000

Our contribution: Rs 1000

Month of Purchase: 14th month

Value of Purchase: Rs 13000


NRIs can also start with this scheme (Bhishi)


Bank Details


Bank of India

Villeparle (East)

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400057



*Terms and conditions apply.

Scheme(Plan) is only for Gold or Diamond Jewelery purchase not for Gold Bars or Coins or any kind of Gold or Silver bullions.

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