About Us

Shrikant B Harchekar started this business in 1960 in Vile Parle.Some things never change. Emphasis on quality of each and every product of ours is of utmost importance to us. After all it’s our family name, we are attaching to each one of them.It’s still the same old traditional family owned and operated shop where we count growth in number of hearts and smiles we won rather than franchises and numbers. Kedar Harchekar is leading our dynamic  team with Kunda Harchekar, Manisha Harchekar and Ashwini Harchekar-Bajpai to personally attend even minute needs our customers. Thus everything in our shop is personal to us and every transaction is a family matter. Our reliable team of artisans, craftsman and designers are highly experienced and skilled.

We put our heart in every product for precision and quality. We get satisfaction with pride when a great-grand mother walks in with her child and trust us to bring smile on little ones face. We work hard to maintain that trust.

While maintaining the Maharashtrian traditional favorites, we always strive to bring freshness in our exclusive designs. We know that person walking in our shop has many roles to play from a teacher at home to a glob trotting executive doing international business in modern India. We take utmost care to cater to her needs in cyber age with same age old traditional vlues of personal touch,quality service and highest quality products.

Our products are now reaching to different corners of the world along with our customers. We are also gearing up to cater their growing needs in today’s flat world without loosing the warmth of tradition. We are now delivering around the globe and operating via net. Our logistics team and back offices are equipped with latest technology to assure prompt and efficient service.

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